Rigid Boxes In india

We are the best packaging Rigid boxes manufacturer in India. If you don't discover the best rigid box supplier in India, your company's packaging will have a significant impact on your goods. In Sivakasi, India's box manufacturing heartland, Dappa takes pride in producing exceptional Rigid Boxes. We devote special attention to every aspect, from the original prototype to the finished product. In an ever-changing industry, Dappa has continuously raised the bar for originality and service. See for yourself by visiting our Product page; we're convinced you'll appreciate it as much as we do. Join us as we explain how our highly skilled crews of Rigid Box makers in India, employing machinery from a variety of countries, succeed in what they do.


How do you put your faith in a  rigid box maker?
If you live outside of India, or even outside of the country?

It is quite easy to be duped or conned in the Rigid box manufacturing industry. That is why we recommend that you order samples from us for a very low price. All of our customers are welcome to visit us in person at one of our locations or branches across the country. For different types of Rigid Boxes, we have different brands and facilities. One focused on luxury packaging for export, while the other on low-cost box manufacture to serve the enormous Indian market for Sivakasi Rigid Boxes. If you want to attend and see for yourselves, you can get a taste of both forms of production.

Manufacturing Rigid Boxes of Superior Quality
How can we produce low-cost, strongboxes?


Dappa's location in India's printing capital, Sivakasi, gives us a distinct competitive advantage over any other city in India or abroad. The cost of raw materials is exceptionally low because there are over 400 printers in the same town. Our team's skill, on the other hand, has been polished to perfection over years of box-making experience. As a result of the combination of low-cost paper, board, and allied printing materials, as well as the skill of our team of box makers, we are able to provide outstanding packaging at low-cost pricing. Compare our prices to those of our competitors to see how much of a difference it will make to your bottom line.

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Our Commitment

Clients have always been at the heart of all we do, and we pledge to Quality in Creativity, Delivery Performance, and Procedures.

End-to-end packaging solutions.

We deliver customized end-to-end packaging solutions through an integrated design, product development, and worldwide supply solution.

Supply Chain Control

We go deep to minimize costs and protect against product vulnerabilities using decades of knowledge and high-level partnerships. Dappa provides clients with fully trackable global door-to-door logistics, as well as storage and fulfillment services.

Ideation & Creative

Our award-winning product development service is provided by our creative skills. This assures clients that, whether through 3D or sensory branding, we can create a consistent brand experience.

Global Trends

To maintain the client experience, we draw on years of industry experience to seek for the greatest materials, manufacturers, and technological breakthroughs

Engineering & Production

To maximize performance and manufacturing efficiency, our professional staff conducts engineering reviews. Every time, our worldwide sourcing capabilities provide the appropriate materials, processes, production capability, and manufacture.