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Rigid Box Manufacturer

Rigid Box Manufacturer in Tamil Nadu Choosing a rigid box for your product is difficult, but we don't have it. Some of you may get confused while browsing the internet on which brand to choose because of the high priced substandard boxes. Some of our customers who come to us seem to have been cheated by fake traders or exporters.To get the right rigid box for your product, come to us directly instead of through exporters or traders. We have the best team when it comes to full scale manufacturing. You can get a sample from us to evaluate our quality. You get the best box for the best price you pay.

What does dappa do?

 Our expansion into rigid boxes is something others have failed to achieve over the years. We are based in Sivakasi, we manufacture the best rigid boxes and provide rigid boxes worldwide at the best prices, which other manufacturers fail to do. Our low-cost solid boxes are often elegantly made and have sharp-edged corners. They are suitable for watches, chocolates, handbags, alcohol, computer accessories, bracelets, corporate gifts, bedding, eyelash, handicrafts, wallets, coffee powder or seeds, saffron, cookies, clothes and other items.

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Candle box

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History  A group of companies dedicated to manufacturing and distributing superior products.



We have such innovative thinking Delivers exactly what you want.



We use the best technology to manufacture boxes in the best possible way


High Quality

Blending innovation to create high quality boxes with the ultimate Quality with great design.



Get us a free quote for your perfect unique box. Know Dappa as the best box designer

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