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Rigid Box Manufacturer

Rigid Boxes Design, Structural Design, Interior Design, Production, Delivery, and Quality are just a few of the services that "" can offer you in terms of complete package solutions. We always start off business by renovating your old rigid boxes with our design and development team's rigid boxes will give the premium impressions and will help you raise sales through brand identity.

Innovative Printing & Packaging Solutions

We offer our best packaging solutions to a wide range of sectors, including hard boxes for mobile phones, gift boxes, and cosmetics. According to your needs, our expert rigid box builders will offer the best packaging option. These are a few of the significant industries we serve:

Raphe Model Dappa 2.webp

Perfume Rigid Boxes

Because they recognise the benefits of rigid boxes, premium category perfume manufacturers chose these rigid boxes.

Drawer Model Dappa 3.webp

Mobile Phone Boxes

Drawer rigid boxes also called as Sliding rigid boxes or Match Bo type rigid boxes

Top & Bottom Dappa 4.webp

Personal Care Boxes

Luxury packaging rigid boxes is one of the premium & elegant option in  rigid boxes... 

Innovative Design Dappa 8.webp

Gift Hamper Boxes

Many of belt and purse and keychains packed with this kind of wallet rigid boxes...

Magnet Folding Dappa 7.webp

Garments Rigid Box

Magnetic rigid boxes is premium category in rigid boxes industry

Gift box Dappa 5.webp

Sweet Packaging Box

Luxury packaging rigid boxes is one of the premium & elegant option in  rigid boxes... 


The best rigid box manufacturers are Dappa. The talented design team at Dappa creates stunning visuals based on your original concepts. Lastly, we supply the highest quality Rigid Box from Sivakasi. We also create expert technical drawings with technological solutions to generate innovative designs.

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