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Types of Rigid Boxes

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2-Piece Top & Bottom Rigid Boxes

Cheap & Simple cardboard Boxes

Also called Raphe Rigid Boxes & Neck boxes:

Ideal for 

  • Entrepreneurs selling Online

  • Corporate Gifting

  • Luxury Packaging

  • Packing Premium Products


Different grades of Recycled Chip and Kappa paper boards allow fantastic quality products to be placed safely and securely inside these boxes.

A sleek and trendy packaging that adds a fabulous unboxing experience for any product placed inside.

Ideal for

  • Jewelry and Special Mementoes

  • Premium Gifting (with Protective options like foams)

  • Carefully curated products that need special unboxing

  • Rare articles that need descriptions and images in High-quality printing & finishing like Gold Foil and matching branding


Flap Open Magnetic Rigid Boxes

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Flat Fold Collapsible Boxes

Flat fold boxes are suitable for any luxury and premium brand, which can save a lot of shipping and storage costs.

  • Quick Assembly by peeling edge stickers

  • Flat storage to save Space and Shipping

  • Assorted Sizes and Materials Available

  • Can include magnets, ribbons and foil options

Drawer Style Boxes

The drawer rigid box consists of two pieces.The outer frame is made from rigid kappa board where a drawer is placed made from strong cardboard. Hence, the beautifully customized Rigid Drawer Box With Ribbon Handle Packaging are a perfect pick for you.

  • Really elegant construction

  • Provides special packaging for the product

  • The drawer design makes you curious

  • Vibrant with unique graphics

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Top & Bottom boxes

Initially, the key function of top-bottom boxes was to protect products. Today, in addition to this function, enhancing the sense of quality is an equally important feature. We typically recommend it for packaging beverages, chocolate, watches, perfumes, technical goods, clothing, and accessories. more.

  • It is characterized by the robust appearance and yet fine lines

  • It protects the product from damage

  • The appearance evokes curiosity, making the recipient wonder what treasure lies inside