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A small team of highly skilled rigid box makers from Sivakasi, India

Increase sales

The process of making great packaging is slow. We're here to speed it up and build great boxes for you! We are a small group of passionate, highly talented young people packing the box for the new generation.

Quotes? Costs? Let's continue!

As a start-up business in 2020, we are passionate about making great boxes and creating a great portfolio. Our answers to most customer questions are usually:


"Yes we can!"

A solid wholesale box seller

Rigid box packaging plays an important role in selling your products well. To help you exceed your customers' expectations, we offer good quality packaging made with well-sourced materials. So buy hard boxes online today.

We believe that our product is of the highest quality and can definitely meet your needs. We have over 30 years of experience in the handmade box making process. Your packaging job is safe in our hands!If you're looking for a way to save money on your shopping, look no further than Tappa. Our boxes are made of high quality materials and come at an unbeatable price!

Innovative Box
Leather Belt Packaging Boxes
Macrons Packaging Box
Cosmetic Rigid Box

Cans for everyone! For every occasion!

Every company prefers to store its products in exclusive boxes. Businesses like to put their products in packaging that looks attractive and attracts customers at first glance. Dabba is a one-stop printing solution and offers all types of boxes. We offer a variety of boxes made from cardboard and kraft materials that are durable and suitable for making any box. We cater to the needs of every business by providing customized packaging to add a unique look to your product.


Market for the best

These types of geometric rigid boxes are difficult to create. But we have mastered these areas to provide you with high quality boxes in the can.

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Unboxing feel

Less complete

This box gives you the unboxing experience of tearing the wrapper off presents on Christmas morning

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Old but trendy

The humble mono carton or folding carton has been in the box making industry for years. Always trendy, always functional.

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