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Eyewear Packaging Box

Eyewear packaging box combine protection and elegance, ensuring glasses remain safe and stylishly presented. Crafted from sturdy materials, these boxes shield eyewear from damage. Customizable with brand logos, textures, and colors, they enhance brand identity and create a memorable unboxing experience. Perfect for premium eyewear, these packaging boxes reflect the quality and sophistication of the product, offering a practical yet luxurious solution that appeals to discerning customers.

How customizable are rigid eyewear packaging boxes

Distinguished by their robust build and luxurious appeal, rigid eyewear packaging boxes redefine elegance and functionality. Engineered to safeguard eyewear with utmost care, these boxes feature customizable options that cater to every brand's unique identity. From premium materials and vibrant colors to intricate designs and embossed logos, each detail is crafted to enhance the unboxing experience. This bespoke approach not only ensures the protection and presentation of eyewear but also elevates the brand's reputation for quality and sophistication in the eyes of discerning customers.

Our Distinctive Details

Magnetic ff.jpg

Spot UV

Adds a shiny layer to specific areas, creating contrast

Magnetic ff.jpg


Applies metallic foil for a luxurious, reflective finish

Magnetic ff.jpg


​Raised design, adding a refined tactile feel.

Magnetic ff.jpg


Depressed design, adding tactile and visual depth.


Why do rigid boxes prevent lens scratches

Rigid boxes prevent lens scratches by securely holding eyewear in place during handling and transportation. Their robust design minimizes movement inside the box, preventing lenses from rubbing against each other or hard surfaces that could cause scratches. Customizable inserts can be tailored to fit the glasses' shape, offering extra cushioning and protection. This meticulous approach guarantees that eyewear arrives in perfect condition, maintaining the clarity and quality of the lenses, and ensuring customers are delighted with every unboxing experience.

Flute Board

Excellent cushioning, ideal for fragile items. Used in packaging for shipping protection.

Kraft Board

Sturdy, tear-resistant paperboard. Commonly used in food packaging and consumer goods.

Kappa Board

Smooth surface, high rigidity. Ideal for premium packaging, displays, signage, and graphic arts projects.

Grey Board

Durable recycled paper material used for creating sturdy partitions within rigid packaging solutions.

Versatile Box Materials

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