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World Class Best Packaging Boxes Now at Best Prices!

World class craft boxes in local tradition!

40 years your trusted packaging experience only wholesaler. is not just about making and delivering a box, but also about creating a great customer experience
        As the best rigid box manufacturer, we are used to working with all types of customers, local or global, big or small. Exceptional quality is the foundation of our company and all results are powerful;
Best way to buy goods or serve our customers from Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu.

      We work in a highly competitive industry and therefore continue to invest in technology and research. Dappa's commitment to quality guarantees our success and your satisfaction.


Rigid Boxes Manufacturer in India |

Save Time

No Dies or Plates!

Any Quantity

Save Money!

Custom styles

Endless choices for trendy packaging boxes

At Dappa, we believe you will be satisfied with our products. Because among all the solid box manufacturers in Sivakasi and Tamil Nadu in India, we use only the highest quality materials and the best technologies. You will be pleasantly surprised by some great choices of branding options and the endless possibilities for using our materials.

Black Box
Gift Box
Innovative Packaging Box

Your branding options

Check out a small range of the most popular branding methods selected by our clients, and we can offer customization at a reasonable price.

Printing and packaging are related fields, and the combination we can offer from that combination is limitless. Check out a small range of the most popular branding methods chosen by our clients and the reasonable cost of customization we can offer.

Screen Printing

Screen Printing

Screen printing is an ancient printing technique best suited for flat or relatively flat surfaces.

Its heart consists of a fine mesh stretched tightly to create a cheap print.

Emboss and Deboss

Spot UV

Spot UV is a process where a special high viscosity varnish is applied to the silkscreen in a specific design.


Then the UV light quickly hardens the varnish and creates a glossy or emboss effect.



Thermography uses heat to create raised characters using very thick ink,


It is then dusted with a special powder and then heated to fuse it to the paper.

Rigid Box With Ribbon

Ribbon & Magnets

Ribbons are great options as methods for closing gift packaging boxes, if needed a combination of ribbons with a magnetic flap can be made.

Foiling with white box

Embossing & Debossing

Embossing design makes your boxes stand out. It uses an embossed metal die to impress an image or logo onto the surface. It creates a superior look.

Foil Stamping

Foil Stamping

Uses Metal Dies- A Design or Logo is chemically etched on it or hand-crafted from your provided artwork.

What is your field? is built by a talented team, with creativity and passion not only to fulfill the needs of our customers. Advance our company.

    Each member brings unique ideas, but we share a commitment to delivering high-quality products.

Cosmetic Box

Cosmetic case

This black material card is a protective gift packaging for cosmetics, candles and luxury jewelry. is used

Jewellery Rigid Box

Jewelry box

We can use a variety of specialty cardboard to create the perfect jewelry box for you.

Why Choose Dappa?

Dappa is the best solid box manufacturer from South India that you can trust and rely on. From a small mold manufacturing center we have earned a nationwide reputation for high quality boxes and prompt service.

We have state-of-the-art technologies and smart partnerships with other key players in the rigid box manufacturing industry, so we have the power to quickly scale to your satisfaction in this unorganized printing and packaging industry.

Hurry up with your boxes with the best Rigid Box Manufacturers in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu. Our box makers are trained and experienced craftsmen, They have now become quality inspectors.

"Who is the best rigid box maker in Tamilnadu?" If asked. We can prove to you that is the answer to your question.

Have you ever wondered how you can sell your product for double what you are currently selling in the market?

The packaging defines it and brings out its true beauty. Are you ready to do amazing things with, South India's best rigid box maker?

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